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CWLL Boys Game Rules:

Field Layout & Lining:

CWLL Girls Game Rules:​​​​​​​

Score Table Training:

Timekeeper Duties:

2024 NFHS Rule 2-8 Timekeeper:
ART. 1: The duties of the official timekeeper shall include:
       a. Keep an accurate account of the time of each period; keep an accurate account of penalty time and inform the penalized  player(s) when the penalty time has expired. Where there is an accurate visible game clock with an automatic horn, the sounding of that horn will mark the end of each period.
       b. At sites where there is no accurate visible game clock with an automatic horn, the timekeeper shall notify the nearest official 20 seconds before the end of all periods and sound an airhorn at the end of each periodFor the fourth period, the timekeeper shall notify the nearest official 2 minutes and 10 seconds before the end of the period and follow the same procedure.
       c. Start and stop the game clock when an official sounds the whistle and at the end of each period. When available and functioning, an electronic clock shall be the offical timepiece.
       d. Keep an accurate record of the time of intermission between halves and notify each team [two]* minutes before the start of the second half.
       e. Sound a horn, which shall be provided by the home team. A horn may be sounded during a dead-ball situation or stoppage of play only. When alleged violations occur, the timekeeper and scorer shall confirm the status of the ball when the alleged violation took place. The timekeeper will sound the horn twice at the next dead ball when:
       1. A player enters the field of play from the penalty area before being permitted by the rules.
       2. The head coach requests a count of long crosses.

How to Submit Scores to the CWLL:

  • You can submit your scores to the league which automatically populates the league standings and scores tab. Some organizations do not allow Team Admins to submit a score to the league.
  • Only Team Admins can submit scores to their organization / league.

1) Submit Scores to the CWLL (via the app):

  • Open the TeamLinkt App
  • Press the Schedule icon on the bottom menu
  • ​Select 'Past' at the top to view your past events
  • Press the Pencil Icon / Set Score OR press into the event and select 'Submit Score'
  • Fill Out Your Game Results and Press 'Submit to League'
  • When asked if you're sure, select 'Yes'
  • ​​​​​​​Once the score is submitted, it will update the league standings and scores page on the website.

Scorer/Statistician Duties:

2024 NFHS Rule 2-9 Scorer:

ART. 1: Unless otherwise designated by the referee, the home-team scorer shall be the official scorer.
ART. 2: The scorer will assume the following duties:
       a. Keep a record of the number of goals scored and assists made by each team, the name and number of the player making the score or the assist, and check the score with the referee at the     end of each period.
       b. Keep an accurate record of the number of time-outs taken by each team and notify the nearest official immediately if either team exceeds the number allowed during each half or during a sudden-victory period.
       c. Keep a record of the name and number of each player to whom a penalty is assessed, the type of the violation, the time of the period when the foul occured and the duration of the penalty.
       d. Notify the nearest official immediately should a player accumulate five minutes of personal fouls [or a quantity of four personal fouls]*.
       e. Notify the timekeeper to sound the horn at any time when, under rule 2-8, it is the duty of the timekeeper to sound the horn.
       f. Assume full duties of the timekeeper if the timekeeper is on the sideline.

Spotter Duties:

This optional role assists the scorer by calling out all the stats to be recorded.
The spotter should consistently call the stat in the following order to make it easy for the scorer to record the stat;
       (1) team color
       (2) jersey number, and
       (3) name of stat to record
  • ground ball (must be a contested ground ball)
  • shot (record a shot for both attempted shots and successful goals)
  • save (only award a save if the ball would have gone into the goal if the goalie was not there. Do not count balls that are caught by the goalie outside the 6x6 frame of the goal)
  • assist (only award an assist if the player who scored made the goal within one step after receiving the pass and does not dodge or evade a defender.)
  • goal
Example 1: Green #9 Shot and Goal
Example 2: Green #9 Save

2) Submit Scores to the CWLL (via the web):

  • Log in to TeamLinkt via the web -
  • Press the 'Schedule' Tab
  • Toggle to 'Past' Events
  • Under the 'Actions' Column press 'Set Score'
  • Fill Out Your Game Results and Press 'Submit to League'

  • NOTE: if you press 'save' and not submit to league, this will internally set your score. For any non-league games or games created by your team you will not be able to submit them to the league.


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