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How to reschedule a CWLL league game

  1. Both coaches agree to reschedule a CWLL league game not taking place at a tourney or jamboree
    1. no sooner than 7 days prior to original or new scheduled date (whichever is sooner);
    2. including new date, time and field location and number. Field access must be confirmed prior to submitting the reschedule request.
  2. Once agreement is reached, the requesting coach emails the scheduler (Seth Sandland, ) and president (Dan Gaspar, ) with:
    1. Subject “Reschedule CWLL Game ID:18xxxx”, where 18xxx is the Game ID (found in notes section of master schedule on cwlax.org or schedule on club website); and
    2. Body of email showing both coaches concurrence (typically by email reply, with coaches’ name, email address and phone number included); and
    3. Clearly showing new time, date and place.
    4. Please do not engage the scheduler or assigner until agreement is reached.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that the request has been received, and then another notification either:
    1. When the change has been approved and put into the system, or
    2. When the change has been denied, including a reason (referee availability, etc.), possibly with a suggestion for another date that can be accommodated.
  4. If both teams do not agree to reschedule, the requesting team can choose to play the game as originally scheduled or accept a 2-0 forfeit.

Questions? Contact Seth or Dan at the email addresses above.